Who are the families receiving all these gifts?

They are your neighbors! Any family can register. However, each and every family will be ‘vetted’ by our partner organizations (via their employees or social workers). Currently this is the Pleasanton Unified School District, the Dublin Unified School District, and Livermore Joint Unified School District. If one of these organizations does not recognize the family as being under-resourced and approve them for inclusion, the family will not be added to the Toy Drive.

How does Sponsorship work?

There are 2 options to sponsor a Family for the Christmas Toy Drive:

Option 1: You Shop for Gifts

  1. Select one or more Families and add them to your cart.
  2. Check out using the coupon code “IWILLSHOP”. This coupon code will zero out your cart total – but you still need to check out!. (Completing your order ‘claims’ your Family and removes them from the catalog).
  3. You’ll receive an email with ages, genders and gift preferences of your sponsored children so that you can buy Christmas gifts for them. We suggest spending up to $50 per child.
    • We were blown away by your generosity last year! However, we wish to maintain some parity between what the families receive, so we’re asking that you spend no more than $50 per child.
  4. Wrap your gifts and place them in 1 large bag per Family with the Family ID# visibly attached. Be sure to indicate (by age, gender and/or number) which gifts are for which child. Your receipt will indicate a number for each child.
  5. Deliver your gifts to a Drop-Off Location by December 16th. We’ll make sure they get them.

By using the “IWILLSHOP” coupon you are taking responsibility to provide gifts for your Family – they’re counting on you!

Drop your gifts off at these Drop-Off Locations:

Sunday mornings at Blue Oaks Church – 4375 Foothill Road, Pleasanton
10-11:30am each Sunday

Blue Oaks Church office – 1020 Serpentine Lane, Suite 103, Pleasanton
Monday – Thursday 9 AM – 4 PM
Fridays 9 AM – 2 PM

If you need an alternate time to drop off your gifts, please email toys@blueoakschurch.org

Option 2: We Shop for Gifts (You Donate)

  1. Don’t want to shop? No problem, we’ll do it for you. Add one or more family to your cart and check out as usual, making a donation in the process (DO NOT use a coupon code).
  2. We’ll use your financial donation to buy age appropriate Christmas gifts for the children you sponsored.
  3. We’ll wrap the gifts and make sure they get them. However you must sponsor your family by December 12th so that we have time to shop for them!

Either way you choose, you are helping make this a Merrier Christmas for local families in Pleasanton and Dublin.

We Need Your Help

If you’d like to help shop, wrap, organize gifts and/or help distribute them, let us know here:

Questions? We can be reached at 925-255-5037 or  toys@blueoakschurch.org